Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just Flew in from the Windy City......
And boy are my arms tired!

The 2012 Kitchen and Bath Show was such an Amazing Event and we even had time to check out the Chicago Dream Home on display (more on both these items to come).

Driving to the office Monday morning I received a phone call that while away I won a Regional Chrysalis Award for the Kitchen Remodel below.

The existing soffits were an eye sore and took up valuable storage space.

This blank wall took up real estate.

Now for the Beautiful Kitchen Make Over!!!!!
We removed the existing soffits and load bearing wall to connect the kitchen to the dining area.  We updated the lighting and stainless appliances.  We moved the range 20" and flipped the dishwasher to the other side of the sink.  The cabinets are a beautiful off white with cafe glaze with a stunning granite counter top.

What a much better use of the blank wall!

And with that, what a great way to start the week,

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