Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I just flew in from Texas and BOY are my arms tired....(that never gets old).

I had an opportunity to getaway for a few days for a little R&R in Texas.  It was a girls weekend where my mom, baby sister, and I visited my Grandmum, who is a Rockstar in her own right down south, she is the MAYOR!  Our trip was filled with lots of laughter, love and of course great food.  Sneak a few of my favorite photos below.

{Photo Opt with Grandmum, AKA the  Mayor, she's amazing}
{View from my morning runs, so pretty}

Additionally the plane rides (all 4) provided a great opportunity to get in some much needed reading and to think about my brand...

{Much needed reading during my traveling, such
a thought provoking book}

Feeling positively high on life, I am eager to get back to sharing my passion for design!!!!!

Friday, July 26, 2013


I'm loving this "easy breezy" summer weather we are fortunate enough to be enjoying right now, sure beats the 110 Heat Index last week.

Some of my favorites I have been enjoying this week are......

CAKE a cake pop less the stick, I think the stick is overrated anyway.  These ones are strawberry cake on the inside with vanilla frosting and chocolate! Yum

TULIPS... if I had to settle on only one flower it would be the tulip, I cannot explain my simple obsession but they are just lovely and perfect for all occasions in all colors (my Strong opinion).

And of course COLBY...with the weather a touch more manageable this week, Colby has been getting a lot more exercise this week!

Off to Smith Mountain Lake for the weekend...

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Earlier in March I posted a few construction photos of a beautiful kitchen coming together in Arlington, VA.

When we conducted our initial walk thru/measurements of the home it was clear this kitchen footprint needed to grow.  For this family of 5 the kitchen needed to serve as the hub of activity and feel connected to the rest of the home, the original configuration didn't allow for this.

{The existing kitchen featured a too small window and sink.}

{Existing appliance configuration just doesn't work}
{The wallpapered wall above is the seperation of the kitchen
from the rest of the home.  To achieve this open/airy
concpet the wall needs to be removed to make the dining area,
kitchen, and family room feel connected}
Our client had some pretty Great ideas as to what this space would look like and mean to them And Great Houzz wishlist photos to boot!  With the polished design we started construction President's Day (just a few months ago) and delivered the completed space in April!

{This was a photo I posted earlier during construction}

{Backsplash detail going in}

I had the opportunity to return just a few weeks ago for these photos, the family is loving the transformation and enjoying the new open kitchen!

{Love, Love the veining of the island marble}

{The larger window at the sink adds so much more natural light}

{With the interior wall removed, the kitchen is now connected
to the dining room and family room}

Fun fact, our amazing homeowner completed a "Young House Love" style project on their own.  The light over the dining room table is the original light spray painted! (you can see the before of the light faintly in a previous photo above).

I wish this was my kitchen...

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Matt, Colby, and I were so fortunate enough to spend this past 4th of July with wonderful family in Cape May, NJ!!!  I always come back feeling well rested and energetic!

{Blanket and the Sand, my kind of Beach Day}

We couldn't have asked for more; 4 perfect days of beach weather (I finally feel as though I have got some summer color) great food, great company, and to shower outside everyday...there is nothing better!

{If an outdoor shower made sense in Arlington
I would have one in a heartbeat}
I also got to poke my head in the Cape May Design House on Washington Street.  Turns out that Carole and George, (my in-laws) are good friends with the owners of this year's Design House, they are a lovely couple from Falls Church in fact.  I got to sneak in (2) photos before the volunteers politely asked me to put my camera away.  Such a charming home!

{Loved this chair in the dining room of
the Cape May Design House, it was explain
to me the back was made from old suits}

{Guest Bedroom at the Design House, typically I don't like white walls,
but I love the coziness of this room}
As we prepared for the 4 hour drive back late Sunday evening, this was my last view of the beach!

{Always so Hard to leave}
The Trip wouldn't be complete without swinging by the Lobster House on the way out of town for some yummy seafood to go.  It's always nice to bring home goodies that leave me feeling as though I am still on vacation the next day!

{Pretty sure I could live on BBQ CLAMS}
{Lobster Mac N Cheese}

Until Labor Day Cape May...

Monday, July 1, 2013


{Colby in the Sand}

Matt and I are so looking forward to a few days at the shore. Happy Almost 4th!!!!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

2 Bathroom Updates in Springfield....

Earlier this year, my Godfather contacted me for some bathroom remodeling advice.  His home is nearly 30 years old in Northern Virginia and I can remember playing there as a child, watching football games, and of course fajita night!  He is semi-retired and more then likely leaving the area in the next 5 years or so.  His bathrooms were original and we were looking for simple updates that he would enjoy now and that would also be neutral for the next buyer.
First we set our eyes on the hall bathroom, see the before photo below.

{30 year old Bathroom, Circa 1983+,-}
The update is simple, transitional, easy to maintain, and provides ample storage.  We went with a 12 x 12 porcelain tile on a brick joint on the floor a solid surface tub/shower surround and vanity top.  The plumbing fixtures are Kohler and the cabinets are a warm maple finish.

{Hall Bathroom After}

Next we tackled the master bathroom.  Here we were looking to pick up more functional drawer storage at the vanity and we planned to convert the existing tub to a shower. 

{Existing Master Bathroom}

{Existing Master Bathroom}

During the demolition we learned that there was wasted space behind the existing tub surround, so we took the opportunity to turn the new shower space to make the bathroom feel more open.  My Godfather liked the color combination in the hall bath so much we repeated the cabinet, plumbing fixtures and tile in the master, though this time adding a 12 x 24 porcelain tile to the shower wall and a 1 x 3 to the shower floor.

                                                             BIG REVEAL.......

{After Master Bathroom, with better vanity storage}
{Larger Shower we were
able to create by turning
and capturing unused space
 found during demolition}

 My godfather is incredibly happy with these improvements, we finished on time, and he is now able to enjoy these refreshed spaces. AND.... I didn't break the bank and he can still fully retire on time as planned!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

a(MUSE) Rehoboth Beach, DE

Matt and I were lucky to enjoy a wonderful beach retreat this past weekend.  Deciding where to eat is always such a challenge as there are so many wonderful restaurants, we typically end up doing a "progressive dinner" or a "tour of Rehoboth" as we like to call it.  We do this with our dear friends Holly and Brandon who live at the beach year round.

Typically the night consists of 3 - 4 tastings, 1 at each locale spanning the course of 5 - 6 hours.  Our 2nd stop on our "tour" this past Saturday was a(MUSE). We have walked by a(MUSE) several times during our visits though never actually dined there, Saturday seemed the right evening to try it out.  Boy, what we have been missing!!!! We ordered several small plates to share, a short rib (which was OUTSTANDING) and potted chicken just to name a few.  Take a look at the beautiful presentation of the potted chicken below.

As we sat at the bar taking in the ambiance, I thought what a lovely setting.  I spend most mornings combing Pinterest for new and creative ideas, I couldn't help but notice something I had pinned recently.... a 2nd purpose for Mason Jars.  At a(MUSE) the pendant lights are Mason Jars!  How great to see this concept employed, I could definitely see this is a rustic chic kitchen project!

{At a(MUSE) Mason Jar Bar Lighting}

{Mason Jar Lighting on Pinterest}