Friday, June 21, 2013

2 Bathroom Updates in Springfield....

Earlier this year, my Godfather contacted me for some bathroom remodeling advice.  His home is nearly 30 years old in Northern Virginia and I can remember playing there as a child, watching football games, and of course fajita night!  He is semi-retired and more then likely leaving the area in the next 5 years or so.  His bathrooms were original and we were looking for simple updates that he would enjoy now and that would also be neutral for the next buyer.
First we set our eyes on the hall bathroom, see the before photo below.

{30 year old Bathroom, Circa 1983+,-}
The update is simple, transitional, easy to maintain, and provides ample storage.  We went with a 12 x 12 porcelain tile on a brick joint on the floor a solid surface tub/shower surround and vanity top.  The plumbing fixtures are Kohler and the cabinets are a warm maple finish.

{Hall Bathroom After}

Next we tackled the master bathroom.  Here we were looking to pick up more functional drawer storage at the vanity and we planned to convert the existing tub to a shower. 

{Existing Master Bathroom}

{Existing Master Bathroom}

During the demolition we learned that there was wasted space behind the existing tub surround, so we took the opportunity to turn the new shower space to make the bathroom feel more open.  My Godfather liked the color combination in the hall bath so much we repeated the cabinet, plumbing fixtures and tile in the master, though this time adding a 12 x 24 porcelain tile to the shower wall and a 1 x 3 to the shower floor.

                                                             BIG REVEAL.......

{After Master Bathroom, with better vanity storage}
{Larger Shower we were
able to create by turning
and capturing unused space
 found during demolition}

 My godfather is incredibly happy with these improvements, we finished on time, and he is now able to enjoy these refreshed spaces. AND.... I didn't break the bank and he can still fully retire on time as planned!!!!!!

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