Tuesday, June 11, 2013

a(MUSE)...in Rehoboth Beach, DE

Matt and I were lucky to enjoy a wonderful beach retreat this past weekend.  Deciding where to eat is always such a challenge as there are so many wonderful restaurants, we typically end up doing a "progressive dinner" or a "tour of Rehoboth" as we like to call it.  We do this with our dear friends Holly and Brandon who live at the beach year round.

Typically the night consists of 3 - 4 tastings, 1 at each locale spanning the course of 5 - 6 hours.  Our 2nd stop on our "tour" this past Saturday was a(MUSE). We have walked by a(MUSE) several times during our visits though never actually dined there, Saturday seemed the right evening to try it out.  Boy, what we have been missing!!!! We ordered several small plates to share, a short rib (which was OUTSTANDING) and potted chicken just to name a few.  Take a look at the beautiful presentation of the potted chicken below.

As we sat at the bar taking in the ambiance, I thought what a lovely setting.  I spend most mornings combing Pinterest for new and creative ideas, I couldn't help but notice something I had pinned recently.... a 2nd purpose for Mason Jars.  At a(MUSE) the pendant lights are Mason Jars!  How great to see this concept employed, I could definitely see this is a rustic chic kitchen project!

{At a(MUSE) Mason Jar Bar Lighting}

{Mason Jar Lighting on Pinterest}

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