Monday, June 3, 2013


This past weekend my baby Brother graduated from High School and what a beautiful event it was!  Seems just yesterday I graduated the same high school and he was headed towards kindergarten. 

Several changes since my graduation from Poolesville in 2000, for instance girls wore gold and boys wore black robes; or the fact that we used to be home to the Poolesville Indians, in lite of a PC mascot they changed to the Falcons.  I graduated with a little more than 100 classmates while Steven held his own with over 350! 

The weekend was a special time to celebrate all of Steven's accomplishments, how far he has come and all the opportunities that await him this fall!

{My high school graduation 2000 with my Grandparents,
I couldn't find the family photo}

{Steven's 1st day of school, his expression is priceless,
not sure he knew what he was in for}

{Sunglasses photo with Steve and my younger sister Christina}


{Family Photo}

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