Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Earlier in March I posted a few construction photos of a beautiful kitchen coming together in Arlington, VA.

When we conducted our initial walk thru/measurements of the home it was clear this kitchen footprint needed to grow.  For this family of 5 the kitchen needed to serve as the hub of activity and feel connected to the rest of the home, the original configuration didn't allow for this.

{The existing kitchen featured a too small window and sink.}

{Existing appliance configuration just doesn't work}
{The wallpapered wall above is the seperation of the kitchen
from the rest of the home.  To achieve this open/airy
concpet the wall needs to be removed to make the dining area,
kitchen, and family room feel connected}
Our client had some pretty Great ideas as to what this space would look like and mean to them And Great Houzz wishlist photos to boot!  With the polished design we started construction President's Day (just a few months ago) and delivered the completed space in April!

{This was a photo I posted earlier during construction}

{Backsplash detail going in}

I had the opportunity to return just a few weeks ago for these photos, the family is loving the transformation and enjoying the new open kitchen!

{Love, Love the veining of the island marble}

{The larger window at the sink adds so much more natural light}

{With the interior wall removed, the kitchen is now connected
to the dining room and family room}

Fun fact, our amazing homeowner completed a "Young House Love" style project on their own.  The light over the dining room table is the original light spray painted! (you can see the before of the light faintly in a previous photo above).

I wish this was my kitchen...

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